An easier way to browse your mailbox.

MetaMAL Mailbox is a redesign of the vanilla MyAnimeList's inbox which lets you view and read your mail from a single page. It also helps you find a specific set of messages using search queries.
(Currently not mobile-friendly)

Try it now:

Browse an offline snapshot of your mailbox
MetaMAL Mailbox
Search mail - MetaMAL Mailbox

Find exactly what you are looking for.

You can use MetaMAL's powerful search bar to filter your inbox. You can look for messages containing a specific keyword or for those matching more complex queries.

Choose your side.

Do you prefer a relaxing light theme or a more captivating dark theme? We've got you covered in either situation.

Light and dark themes - MetaMAL Mailbox
BBcode support - MetaMAL Mailbox

Full support for BBcode.

All MAL-supported BBcode tags are also valid in MetaMAL Mailbox. In addition, the inbox automatically applies a few optimisations:

  • when using the dark theme, the tonality of some colour tags is desaturated to appear more pleasant on a black background;
  • external links are always opened in a new tab;
  • all YouTube mini-players are set to use the more privacy-friendly mirror (which is an official service backed by Google).
More to comeā€¦

Offline browsing for an instantaneous response time.

Due to the current structure of the API, performing some kinds of queries can be very time-consuming. A solution is to create a snapshot of the inbox, store it in a file, and let the user conserve it. After that, Mailbox can be used to load the file and explore the entire inbox in just a few milliseconds (and without having to interact with MetaMAL's servers).

Sending messages.

Currently, the official MAP API doesn't let external applications send messages on behalf of a user. Once it'll become possible, MetaMAL Mailbox will be updated accordingly.