About MetaMAL
Hello there! Welcome to MetaMAL.

I hope you're enjoying the time spent on this humble website. I sacrificed countless hours of sleep and fought numerous battles against the compiler to bring this random array of bytes to your screen.

I am ZeroCrystal, maintainer and developer of the entire MetaMAL ecosystem. I've decided to start this project for two main reasons: to bring some neat features to the regular MAL user and to experiment with a few technologies and software development processes that I wouldn't normally use during my everyday life.

This is an open-source project; the source code can be accessed here. The documentation is almost non-existing, please give me some more time to write it.

The first feature I wanted to implement is the seasonal page. It gives a good insight into the performances of your favourite series and it collects some curious statistics like the most favourited characters and seiyuu of a certain period.

The charts can be easily exported and reused for any kind of reason, while the raw data collected each day by my loyal crawler can be downloaded and analyzed to find bizarre connections or to have a historical view of the popularity of an anime or character.

The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy can be found here.
Contact me
If you've found a bug, you've something to ask me or simply would like to talk about the weather, you can contact me in the following ways:
  • Send me a message on MyAnimeList. My username is ZeroCrystal.
  • Send me a PM on IRC. Just look for ZeroCrystal in the Rizon chat server.
  • Send me a DM on Discord. You can find me as ZeroCrystal#7284.
  • Send me an email at [email protected].
  • Send me a DM on Twitter. My handle is @Zer0Crystal.
  • Shout really hard. I won't guarantee an answer, though.